Bob Goldman Financial Planning

Before you find out what a financial planner will do, find out what they won’t do.

Bob Goldman Financial Planning provides hourly, as-needed financial planning and investment advice. Unlike many financial advisors, we do not sell stocks, annuities or insurance policies, nor do we manage client investments. Therefore, we do not receive commissions or fees for management services or sales. This enables us to be 100% objective. And in difficult economic times like these, an objective view of your current financial situation may be exactly what you need most.

What we will do is develop a clear-cut financial plan to help you reach your financial goals. It can be a comprehensive plan, including a wide range of issues, or a more focused plan addressing a specific aspect of financial life that concerns you: an objective second opinion on your investments, or assessing your current financial condition and developing a focused, workable plan for college costs, home purchase, retirement, and more.

At Bob Goldman Financial Planning, we look forward to providing objectivity and stability in these stressful times, and helping you plan for your financial future.